Interactive Drumming Tutorial     with Chris Southall
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The matrix: played with both hands as evenly as possible and common to all the rhythms

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Three beat or waltz time

Four beat or common time
 (rock and roll)

Six eight; often in Irish 
or African music

All the accents are played with the dominant hand

Here I have added an accent to the matrix on every sixth matrix beat  to create the three beat rhythm.

All the accents are played with the dominant hand.

Here I play the accent every eight matrix beats to create a four beat rhythm

If you count all the matrix beats as one, two, three, one , two, three, the accents come with alternate hands

Here I play an accent on the 'ones' 

In this clip I have added two more high accents on the second and third beat while playing beat one as a low tone (in the middle of a djembe)

Here I play accents every two matrix beats first low (in the middle of the djembe) and then high (at the edge of the djembe

Here I play the accents on 'one' and 'three'

Three beat rhythm in a double speed (16 beat) matrix

Four beat rhythm in a  double speed (16 beat) matrix

Here I play the accent on the 'ones' as a bass note in the center of the drum

Putting the three beat rhythm together with the six eight rhythm

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Here I add the accent on the 'threes'  as a high accent at the edge of the drum

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